About Us/Staff

The Cape Cod Family Resource Center offers family support services, family partners, clinical assessments, referrals, and school support services that aim to nurture, support, and educate children, parents, and other caregivers. All services are offered to families at no cost, regardless of insurance or income. For a printable/shareable version of our latest brochure, please click here.

Paul N. Melville is Program Director at both the Cape Cod and Nantucket Family Resource Centers. For over ten years, Paul’s passion has been helping parents find their own way on the often challenging (and always interesting) journey of parenthood. Paul is a dynamic Parent Educator, a resourceful Family Support Specialist, and an engaging Professional Trainer. He’s honored and excited to lead the amazing team at the Cape Cod Family Resource Center. When he’s not working, Paul tries to spend time outdoors and actively parents his two school-aged children and the world’s most adorable preschooler.  You can reach Paul directly at pmelville@familycontinuity.org.PMelville
Ally Bergeron is a Family Support Worker at the Cape Cod Family Resource Center. Ally has been building her passions for empowering and supporting children since spending her time mentoring local high school and middle school students while attending the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. After graduating with a degree in Psychology and Sociology, Ally returned to her native Cape Cod and taught preschool in Barnstable. The connections she built while working closely with students and their families drove her to become more involved in supporting families both in and out of the school environment.
Ally is especially enthusiastic about fostering healthy and comforting relationships, and is always available to provide a compassionate and mindful listening ear. She supports families in way that encourages happy participation in all aspects of their daily life. You can reach Ally directly at 508-815-5138 or abergeron@familycontinuity.org.
Cindy Burns, is the Cape Cod Family Resource Center's Family Partner. Cindy is excited to be back at Family Continuity, having worked as a family partner for another program. Cindy loves to connect families with resources and enjoys the diversity and variety of directions her work with families can take her. Cindy is a life long Cape resident and the mother of two grown men. She enjoys swimming in the ocean and loves to travel. You can reach Cindy directly at 508-815-5143 or cburns@familycontinuity.org.
Terriann Morin, the School Liaison at the Cape Cod Family Resource Center, is an experienced Special Education Teacher and Social Worker. She is highly focused on children's and adolescents' emotional and behavioral health. Terriann has worked in both private and public sectors including: schools, foster care agencies, locked facilities, adventure based and therapeutic environments. She is passionate and enthusiastic about helping to strengthen family bonds and sharing ideas about fun creative family activities. You can reach Terriann directly at 508-815-5074 or tmorin@familycontinuity.org.
Amanda Southwick is a Family Support Worker at the Cape Cod Family Resource Center. Amanda has a passion for advocacy and for empowering others.  She is majoring in human services to utilize her compassion and enthusiasm to better the lives of children and their families.  You can reach Amanda directly at 508-815-5078 or asouthwick@familycontinuity.org.
Jennifer Sullivan is a Family Support Worker at the Cape Cod Family Resource Center. After earning her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of  Massachusetts Amherst, Jen jumped into the field of human services and never looked back.  Over the past ten years, she has gained valuable experience by working in a variety of roles from teaching preschool to in-home therapy.  Jen has an innate ability to connect with people, is mindful and empathetic, and strives to go above and beyond to provide support and resources to those in need. You can reach Jen  directly at 508-815-5175 or jsullivan@familycontinuity.org.